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    The Importance of Live Strategic Documentation

    Published on June 20th, 2019

    There is a benefit from making a Business Plan that is greatly diminished if you are just jumping through a hoop and that plan is thrown into a drawer that you’ll never open again. The same goes for a Strategic Marketing Plan, an Electronic Marketing Plan and your Financial Budget, if they get pushed into that same drawer. What most small businesses fail to consider is the competitive advantage of keeping these as a live strategic business tool.

    Strategic Documents are about Planning not to Fail

    I know it’s tedious to create strategic documents – Business Plan, Strategic Marketing Plan, Electronic Marketing Plan and a Financial Budget. And there isn’t a small business owner who does not cringe at the idea these might need to be opened and and rewritten. I get that; they are tedious and painful to make in the first place. If they’re made at all – only 3-5 per cent of small businesses even make a business plan. Especially if they’re made honestly and critically. An awful lot of business owners just make rubbish up and call that a plan and that’s self-serving assurance that the task was completed.

    The question to ask yourself is why do we make these documents in the first place? The answer is because they are about scoping out the business environment that you want to operate in and understanding as much about your competitors, your operations and the customers as possible. While, of course, understanding that you can’t control most of these things. Understanding, as well, that the more you know about the environment enables you to effectively compete and sustain your success.

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    Groups Killed my Passion for Film Photography

    Published on June 14th, 2019

    Photography, especially shooting old film cameras, was a passion only five or six years ago. I enjoy slowing down and really looking and thinking about what a picture should become on that piece of analogue film. I loved processing the film in chemicals in the bathroom; I loved scanning them into my computer frame by tedious frame; sometimes I loved to get a picture printed, as well. I never did get around to building that darkroom.

    That passion ended for me when it was made clear that I’m not and never will be a part of the film photography community. And it all started with a random tweet by Shelley Sometimes about film photography not being analogue. I’m sorry, but anything that isn’t digitised is analogue. It’s a simple matter of understanding what the hell digitisation is and how it works… but we needn’t go there. Somebody cool told all the cool kids that it was uncool to say analogue in relation to ‘analogue film’ and things got ugly.

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    Session Beers (Book Review)

    Published on June 3rd, 2019

    Jennifer Talley is the brewmaster at Squatters Pub Brewery in Salt Lake City, Utah – a State where a 4 per cent ABV (Alcohol By Volume) limit is imposed on brewers as a legal constraint. For this reason alone, there should be no surprise that she was the go-to person to be asked to write this book about Session Beer: Brewing for Flavor and Balance. She’s an accomplished brewer, beer judge and competition winner with a career in creating and bringing to market consistently high quality low ABV beers that don’t knock you off the bar stool. Beers perfect for weddings and afternoons with your friends. Sessionable beers.

    Of course, these session beers have been around for a long time in our society. The term might be more recent, but humans have been making highly consumable beers in this genre through history. Just be aware that a session beer isn’t merely low ABV, though. A session beer leaves nothing to hide behind when it comes to making errors. It’s extremely well made beer that you want to drink another and then another throughout the day (or night). And session beers are harder to make than might first appear to be the case. Alcohol, after all, contributes to the flavour of beer. Take away that mask and you better be sure of what you’re doing in the brewery.

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